You keep on running from an avalanche,
The frozen water is your mother’s voice,
Is what they all want you to do, they yell
And you can only duck away, you have no choice.

In school where you can’t breathe until it’s out,
It’s snowing words back to the chalkboard dust.
The other pupils in conspiracy
Survive. How do they know how to adjust?

The streetbricks shiver when a tank appears
And flowers die in front of marching feet:
The chalkboards crushed, the walls have fallen all,
You stop your running, as there is no need.

Once part of the real world you find a role.
You are the bearer of the lonely soul.


Comments on: "Hero" (11)

  1. Isa Buechner said:


  2. Hard to read, because true. Thank you.

  3. That last line is a killer. Beautiful and thought provoking once again

  4. A lovely thought provoking sonnet Ina. Love it especially the last line ❤️ Xxx

  5. “Frozen water in your mother’s voice….” 🙂

  6. Nettie Schroders said:

    Super geschreven. Gr Nettie

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