A rage, a twister coming out of the blue sky
But based on what, but made of what? It’s only air,
This devastation from the clouds, heaven’s revenge,
Such is your love. And I can’t shelter anywhere.

A tidal wave to flood the lonely beach, my skin
Was waiting for your touch and I go down once more
As we unite, my hair get’s tangled in your grip.
Such is your love. A twister coming to the shore.

And now the water has calmed down, will you be gone?
Or will you stay? But based on what? I’m always here
In storm and quiet, feel my longing, feel my loins.
Such is my love. And I can feel that you are near.

We move with tides, you: flood and silence inside me,
A raging storm becomes a quiet breeze from sea.


Comments on: "Love" (12)

  1. A beautiful poem, Ina.

  2. Beautiful analogy

  3. Oh, you sea creatures! Such a powerful pull on love.

  4. Very forceful…Superb 🙂

  5. nettie Schroders. said:

    Noten volgen zijn zinnen,jou woorden ook.
    mooi gr Nettie

  6. Beautiful poem Ina 😊❤️ Xxx

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