The teller

She told me my future on a cold Summer’s day,
On the quay of the harbour in Whitby,
And it sounded too weird for my ears to believe.

But while seven years passed, her predictions came true
Like she said, one by one. (I’am still due for more offspring
and some very good luck.) How she knew?

If she’s still there, and psychic enough,
She will know I’ll be grateful as long as I live
For her viewing and all of her magic.



Comments on: "The teller" (4)

  1. A teller with tales of good luck! Nice.

    • Thank you! 🙂 She is a remarkable lady, and no matter how come she was so accurate, I hope she still lives.

  2. Fare sightedness can be very soothing I know.

    • 🙂 It must come in handy! My great grandmother was fare sighted as was my grandfather a bit, my father also at times. I had some episodes when I saw something happening later. Not like deja vu, but really aware in advance. But as an adult I don’t have that anymore. So I am not too sceptic about claire voyance stuff.

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