I want to undermine your doubts again,
Remember how that used to work? But now
You’re not the person who you were, right then,
So there’s no guessing what to do and how.

You often threw the towel in the ring,
And I am out of optimistic views,
As living happily might be another thing
Than life, I’m telling you no news.

I fold the laundry once again for you,
The many towels ready for a toss:
It’s up to you. Your winning or your loss.
I only undermine, that’s all I do.


Comments on: "Undermine" (11)

  1. Good poem; sad sentiment

  2. Wonderful Ina.

  3. I like this, I like the way the form carries the idea and not vice versa. Nicely done.

    [You can delete this bit in brackets: just to be grammatical, I think it ought to be ‘who’ or ‘that’, not ‘whom’, in line 3.]

  4. I like the laundry metaphor…It really suits the poem…(pun intended…)

  5. How you handled the rhyme, very smoooooooooooooth. Is there a name for the form, that changes the rhyme pattern in that last stanza, or is that just you? I like it.

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