Throughout my skin I felt you touching me;
Your fingers leapfrogged gently down my spine.
Now I wake up you are not here, I see
Reflections in the mirror glass are mine.

My sudden somberness will not decline.
You have been visiting my dreams, to be
My lover who has made my nights so fine
To leave me loveless. Iā€™m an amputee,

But you were here alright, so says the sign:
You drew the curtains open for the sun to shine.
Throughout my skin I feel it touching me.



Comments on: "Touched" (10)

  1. You never write without amazing me, and how clever is this poem. Love on many levels and distances. Brillaint stuff

  2. Very moving poem. I love it. Bravo! You write great.

  3. I love the idea of vertebral leapfrog.

    • “Leapfrog” is a word I learnt when I posted stuff on a site called Helium. “To leapfrog” meant “to edit” there šŸ™‚

  4. The leapfrog for me too!

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