Caterpillars slowly move towards the day,
Crawling anxiously across the last of moonbeams,
Waiting for the scented flowers blooming,
And you awake without your sanity again.

You fell through the horizon of your mind;
Now beauty comes in butterflies of verse,
Each of them being you, escaping from mundanity
Until the night returns and new born caterpillars crawl.


Comments on: "Caterpillars" (10)

  1. This is lovely … inexplicable so, Ina, and, sometimes, I think one needs to just read a poem and understand without literal understanding. XO ❤

  2. Metamorphosis in verse.
    Bugs to butterflies.
    Words to poems.

  3. Just wonderful.

  4. Inexplicable is right, but also haunting, moving and melancholic. I’m always touched by what you write

  5. Spellbinding…

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