It’s neither here nor there that I find rest,
– Although my blood is moving slower –
The world is too much hassle now,
The wind is North and getting stronger,
The last of you has gone
And I can’t cope. I close my eyes
To close some doors, to wait
And all I do is wait for nothing; to wait
For footsteps to be yours.


Comments on: "Acedia" (16)

  1. A beautiful poem Ina. Sometimes grief can cause us to search deep inside. Peace to you.

  2. A good expression of a state of mind. Especially love that line, “I close my eyes to close some doors and wait…”

  3. Pure, simple, lovely.

  4. Beautifully sad Ina. Always thinking about you ❤️xxx

  5. What Mikels said…

  6. journeyintopoetry said it for me – exactly

  7. nettie Schroders. said:

    Heel mooi Ina, ook nog als ik het vertaald heb in het Nederlands.
    gr Nettie.

  8. Poignant, Ina. Change is inevitable, but the essence of our hearts, our souls, our love is constant. XO ❤

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