With all doors and windows open we breathe,
While bees find their way to the curtains.
All hiding from the heat, we smell the sea
And listen to the thunder approaching.

We know rain will come to spoil the warmth
In the street bricks, wash away all kindness of Summer.
But we can hold hands and watch the lightning,
We shall be content with the scent of grass.

And at night a little moth will be flickering
Over us, trapped and sentenced till dawn,
Flirting dangerously with the last of the burning candles.
This is a night to make love. To breathe again.


Comments on: "Summer" (18)

  1. David said:

    Love the Lightning and the scent of grass. So summer!

  2. nettie Schroders. said:

    Mooi Ina.
    Lieve groetjes van ons.

  3. Incredibly beautiful Ina! Just wonderful.

  4. Beautiful Ina! So mooi!

    • Dank je wel Rob 🙂 do you speak Dutch?

      • Not Dutch exactly! 🙂
        I live in South Africa so have a good understanding and can speak Afrikaans – with a very English accent! 🙂 the two are quite close, I am told, albeit Afrikaans originated from High Dutch, with a few other languages sprinkled in (French, Portuguese, Malaysian, etc.)!

        • Oh yes, the 2 are much alike 🙂 I can understand Afrikaans but not speak it. 🙂 Baie moeilijk if you don’t hear it being spoken ! 🙂

  5. So gentle and so summery; this holds all the appreciation of ‘little’ things in life. I love it! 😊

  6. I love the simple visuals and emotions of this, Ina – a break from all the complications, the poem just breathes in and out. Lovely. XO ❤

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