Found to read one person out of many:  You.
It’s you whose arms are the curtain,
And behind lies the world and the cold,
While here I read you, feel you, being
Almost a part of you. But not quite.

To have met one soul and understood,
What more could I have asked for?
The lines next to your eyes
And your hands, your skin: to touch.
Almost being one. But not quite.


Comments on: "Almost" (16)

  1. So very lovely, Ina. Through all the difficulty, you have been blessed and you simply but exquisitely express it in this poem. XO ❤

  2. I agree with Diane. Your poems are beautiful and delicate and capture that sunlight which can peek through the clouds in difficult times

  3. the rarest of blessings

  4. David said:

    “Not quite” — just right:-)

  5. The ‘not quite’ really matters!

  6. this is really a beautiful poem.

  7. Beautifully expressed Ina and as others have mentioned, the “not quite” matters so much. You continue to pour your reflections as beautifully and delicately as ever. ❤️ Xxx

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