Yesterday evening was the poetry event “Dichter bij zee 2015” , where people read their own poetry. There also was a nationally known poet, Ruben van Gogh, and the winner of the poetry competition was announced. For the category of 16+ the winning poem was “Ook jij niet”, written by me. 🙂 So there I was on stage.

Last year, my poem “Verrinneweerd” also wan, a shared first price. I translated the poem “Devastated” and put in on my blog. It will be in Roads 2. I had put it on the Poetry from the sea blog and this year a reader told me she had found the poem on a scarf that she bought at C&A in Germany. So they had just taken the text from my blog.

I googled, the scarf is on sale in various countries. I also purchased 2 to have some evidence. Nice scarfs 🙂 My publisher is dealing with the matter now, and I do hope some right will be done.


I am not sure I can translate “Ook jij nog” but I shall give it a try later on.

For now, I am very grateful and a little proud to have been involved in the event.

This is the poem in Dutch:
Ook jij niet

Een heftig paars vervaagt tot roze pulp,
Mijn aderen bewegen als ik adem,
Voortgedreven zonder hulp:
Ik ben, maar nu al niet meer die ik was.

Van aanvang af is er een eerder,
Het wordt niet minder en niet meer want
alles stroomt, soms alle kanten uit.
Ik luister naar het sterkere geluid,
Aan alle kanten raast het leven langs me.

Waar het begin is van ons bondje weet ik niet,
En waar het einde wacht, wat kan het schelen.
Zoals de luchten nooit hetzelfde zijn,
Kan ik niet blijven wie ik ben. Ook jij niet, die
Van alle stromen de meest meegaande was.


Comments on: "Poetry event “Dichter bij zee 2015”" (26)

  1. Congratulations, Ina! And I hope you get that translation business sorted.

  2. PS my wife likes the scarf too

  3. Elaine Randall English said:

    Great news! I’m happy for you!

  4. Very happy for you!!

  5. Wow Ina congratulations! You are a great poet indeed. And I hope you receive a satisfying result regarding the scarf issue. 😊❤️ Xxx

  6. Hey – congratulations Ina, that’s not one but two pieces of splendid news!

  7. congratulations – and I hope your copyright incident is properly resolved

  8. nettie Schroders. said:

    Ina van harte met het behaalde resultaat geweldig gewoon.
    Daar mag je best trots op zijn.
    Hartelijke gr Nettie.

    • Dank je Nettie! Het is altijd leuk om iets te winnen 🙂 Hartelijke groeten ook aan jullie.

  9. Felicitations, Ina! I can only imagine where your poem will travel on a scarf….:-)

    • Thank you Cynthia. Yes, it would be funny to see someone in the street wearing it 🙂

  10. Congratulations Ina! You are a wonderful poet. I hope everything works out regarding the copyrights.

  11. 🙂

    You could start with the title, please, Ina.

    • I tried to translate the whole poem. Not too sure it works out the way it does in Dutch 🙂

  12. Congratulations Ina! As a newcomer to your poetry, I am enthralled and delighted. Off to explore your blog! 🙂

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