The tree we thought had died,
is green now,
this miracle is May,
exploding and emerging
from such fragile eggs,
from most vulnerable mammals,
out of wasted grounds, belief
and in polluted seas, it comes,
from hope against a better judgement,
out of the blue
out of pain and grief
with amazing colours, driven
by a force so strong,
in ancient sounds.
The earth renews.
What almost went,
once more a chance is given.

Comments on: "Renewal" (9)

  1. yeoldefoole said:

    A wonderful poem!

  2. David said:

    We have a tree like that too (though we didn’t have a poem like this one to celebrate it).
    Now we do. Thanks:-)

  3. nettie Schroders. said:

    heel mooi Ina,zoals de bomen nieuwe kracht vinden mogen dit ook toes ten deel vallen . gr Nettie

  4. SO so beautiful! I love this poem.

  5. Lovely poem! Our May has disappointed us so far, throwing four seasons in one at us! 😊❤️ Xxx

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