Meeting in masses

We are dozens of people
Walking silently in two directions,
And none of us know each other,
We only recognise the colours
And shapes, all different yet the same.

And we don’t look at the others as we pass,
We ignore them moving as they ignore us,
In same pace, from one place
To another same place,
We don’t touch, we don’t bump. Civilized.

And then there is your face,
And dozens of people
Are gone from my view –
Except you and me, I see no one.
You see me. You see me!

We were dozens of people
Away from each other.
I always knew we would meet again
Here, in this place
Walking silently in the masses.

Comments on: "Meeting in masses" (10)

  1. I love this! A wonderful poem.

  2. David said:

    Great shift from how you contemplate the masses to the moment when your see the one face. Such joy there, how the whole poem adjusts to see that one person.

  3. Another beautiful and beautifully observed poem. What an eye for life you have

  4. Beautiful Ina! ❤️ Xxx

  5. nettie Schroders. said:

    Heel mooi Ina,mooie woorden spel.

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