In love

If I say I can see the sea rise madly in your eyes,
The whole sea coming ashore with everything in it,
With silvery fish and big rusty anchors approaching,
Jelly fish and whales jumping up to sadly fall down,
You don’t believe that I am drowning, that it is not real
I see the sea rising madly in your eyes you say,
But I am, and I do, and the sea and everything in it
Is taking me over. I’m drowning in your eyes.


Comments on: "In love" (23)

  1. This is so very beautifull Ina ❤️ Xx Thinking of you often xx

  2. I always enjoy what you write. I’m not vocal very often but this one touched me.

  3. georgiakevin said:

    Thank God for you!

  4. If someone doesn’t feel this one, Ina, then something’s not right with them.

  5. Your words go straight to the heart, Ina, just lovely! ♥

  6. David said:

    Ina, this one is so lovely I had resisted adding this note, but you can also ignore it, which won’t bother me a bit. Those last five words, “or so I do feel” seem to make the poem five words too long. I love how it ends right before that phrase, so much more powerfully in my opinion, the desperation, not the explanation. Anyway, just thought I’d mention this. It is a beautiful poem.

  7. A very forceful poem…Love it 🙂

  8. A strong poem Ina. 🙂

  9. Powerful in its visuals and undercurrent, Ina! XO ❤

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