On this 5th of May, Liberation Day, something to ponder about


Studying modern history gives you a certain perceptive. Like just how bad a deal people got for such a long time. Be it under Feudal Lords, Imperial governours, Kings, City-State government or anything else. For millenia the average life consisted mostly of waking up early, working very hard just to stay alive, having plenty of kids in hopes some of them survive to take care of you in your elderly days and all in all living on a living standard barely higher than that of other animals. Where other animals are slaves to their instincts we where for a long time slaves to the circumstances. The few in relative control of the circumstances lost much of this control due to not recognising trends they started, not properly responding to slow but vital changes they did not recognise as such. Most of our ancestors, and our forebears had to live lives we would not find worth living at all. They rarely saw much beyond their own living and working environment and would never truly expand their knowledge. We have been given these opportunity’s, not due to some natural development over time but in part by random chance and in part by the heroic deeds, both well-known and glorious and anonymous and done in toil by so many before us.

There are only a few generations whose lives are even closely relatable to the lives we lead now, and even in that little time so much has changed, it has only been in the 2002 that the Dutch formally legalised Gay Marriage for instance.

Value–systems and political systems older and better entranced in society then anything we have now disappeared in single generations. On the one hand this means it is possible to improve things we consider to be set in stone, on the other it means we have to be carefull. It doesn’t take much for us to lose everything we could possibly hold dear in society. It lays upon us, ALL of us to leave our world a bit better for the next generations. What is better is the eternal question for which there will never be a satisfying answer

Take a moment, if you may, to recognise the power you have been given at birth, to realise your ability to develop according to your own true self, to become someone you’d like to be, rather than someone you have to be.

Take a moment, to reflect on all the events that led to your existence, to your opportunities, to everything you hold dear or take for granted.

Please, take a moment to realise the great burden that lays upon us, the current generations to leave a world suitable not only for our kids, but for the kids of all the other people in this world, and for all generations to come.

Protect the aspects you’re grateful for, work for the aspects you long for.

Maarten is my son. He is 22 and living in Zwolle, The Netherlands.


Comments on: "Guest post: Reflection inspired by modern history, by Maarten Schroders" (14)

  1. Jane Thorne said:

    What an inspiring perspective, Ina, your son is a beautiful soul. ā¤

  2. beechdey said:

    Reblogged this on Beechdey’s Weblog.

  3. What an inspiring post Ina full of passion too and very thought provoking. You must be very proud of your son. šŸ˜Šā¤ļø Xxx

  4. That really is inspiring and impressive. I agree with Christine. You must be very proud of your son and rightly so.

    • Thank you very much Peter. šŸ™‚ He wrote this a few years ago. I think he should write more!

  5. Well articulated.

  6. I would really love to debate the whole issue of power and autonomy with this young man. It would be most stimulating. šŸ™‚

  7. I definitely think your son should write more, too, Ina! Excellent piece. Thanks for sharing! XO ā¤

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