Coffee table

Once we were grains in the wood,
Unexpectedly bending curves,
Islands on a table top, waves around.

Now every day has the same rhythm
While you and I have lost the wildness
and gained so much good, so much balance.

Our roads are straight with walls of obligations,
Narrow alleys of glistening wet stones,
And at home the coffee table carries two remote controls.

Now and then the port and coffee stains
Tell me of our history, making me want to remember
How we once were constructed in wood.

Comments on: "Coffee table" (21)

  1. Reblogged this on aliensoulmates and commented:

  2. Grains in the wood… So touching and evoking so many thoughts to me. Reblogged this on AlienSoulmates. Cheers, HC

  3. mli1998 said:

    This is my fear and my goal

  4. Melancholy and beautiful Ina. Love it ❤️ Xxx

  5. It is touching and delicate as always. My thoughts are with you

  6. I especially like that first stanza, such a grand opening to the poem!

  7. nettie Schroders. said:

    Mooi Ina.

  8. Very sad… How many of us have the same stories, I wonder. Far too many.

  9. Wow Ina, I love this. Just wonderful.

  10. Great imagery with table top. It is a place where so much people interaction transpires.

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