What we remember

Rounder than a full moon but just as pale
Is this perfect memory of feelings
Nailed on the wall of time, framed in golden,
Watercolours fading in each other
The almost white pink of our tenderness,
The blueish green of mornings without you,
An image of all we thought was forgotten.
But the nail is squeaking in the evening breeze
And one day the wall will let go of everything.

Comments on: "What we remember" (15)

  1. Hi Ina,

    What a marvellous poem! Your use of colours and the metaphor of the nail. And the poignant ending ….. lovely phrases …. The wall of time …

    I do apologise for not being more present on your poetry blog … But I receive all your new poems by email and this one jumps out at me.

    I am very busy here in France particularly trying to arrange for my car to be “imported” into the Nederland – a really time consuming and stressful experience.

    I take it to a special garage in Herenveen on Wednesday and then on Friday Harmyn and I will be installing some furniture into the house.

    I am really excited about living on skylge!!

    Perhaps we can get together after next weekend after the holiday?

    Best Wishes to you and Toussaint


    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Alan, thank you. I would love to meet up, you can always drop by the house or we can mail for another location 🙂 And if you need some help, just let me know.
      Best wishes from us too.

  2. Great colors, wonderful mood, and the ending is perfect.

  3. Beautiful Ina. I love the colours this poem paints. L&H xx

  4. Beautifully penned…. My sincere appreciation! Aquileana 😀

  5. Walking at little further than I have in the past and say this has got to be my most fav

  6. Reblogged this on Michael's Lair and commented:
    If you haven’t visited Ina please do..for you. .https://inaweblogisback.wordpress.com

  7. Sorry about only adding your name and not website but i did think of it 2 seconds after I hit send.

  8. I did put your website.. been up since two and it’s 7ish 30. Went to bed at one.. just a little drifty…

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