Till noon

Morning remains my best companion
As I go outdoors where the silver sea is.
Even in mist I’ll know it’s there, outdoors
Where the birds make nests and flowers give birth
While life is a promise that can’t be kept till noon
When the drowned bodies under the surface start rolling
Making waves flooding my feet and thoughts as they visit.
The sound of blended bones and skulls, the grit,
As the road back home is under construction,
The world becomes a heavy cement dust under a blanket of lead
And morning has been a memory too sweet.


Comments on: "Till noon" (10)

  1. Beautifully descriptive! You always pen some wonderful gems Ina. I am fortunate this morning to find your page again. Hugs and blessings to you, and have a wonderful Easter…God bless!

    • Thank you very much Wendell, that is very kind of you! Hugs to you too and I hope you had a great Easter!

  2. Nettie Schroders said:

    Heel mooi Ina. Zijne Zonnige paasdagen. Gr Nettie

  3. This is another beautiful poem full of emotions Ina. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day Love and hugs ❤️xxx

  4. Poem turns rather sharply at “till noon” to embrace the darker side, life and death. You’ve got it all in 11 lines:)

  5. Y’know… sometimes exactly what is needed in a poem is an extra-long line, to make the reader sit up and take notice!

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