First thought of you

My first thought of you
is a nearly dead fish
stuck on a Sunday
in the fishing net
of a vessel in port,
drowning in air,
looking back
at where the sea
was his home
while the clean-shaven fisherman
is in church listening
to the preacher’s story
about Simon
a fisherman as well
and the same name too,
he almost feels holy
with pride blushing cheeks
while in his net
a fish dies for nothing.
My first thought of you
is that nearly dead fish.

Comments on: "First thought of you" (10)

  1. Wow Ina, this is very moving and powerful. I can really feel it. Love and big hugs ❤️ Xxx

  2. “…drowning in air” is such a great line. Good fishing.:-)

  3. This is a touching poem, Ina, with gentle humour – or as we might say in English, with its tongue in its cheek.

  4. I didn’t think this was humorous. I thought it was a delicate and well-observed illustration of man’s belief the planet and the species on it are for his benefit, and we can deal with them almost as we wish and still think ourselves good and moral beings.

  5. A very beautiful poem!

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