Remembrance as we had the time now;
Memories of the roller coaster kind
Came towards us both, apart in distance only.

We relived moments that lively existed in our past.
Where will your wonderful mind be with all you know
After every sun we ever saw will have set forever?

We didn’t wait for the moon to black the sun
But how we felt it, the cold grey silence,
that proof of nature’s sudden death. Do you remember?

We felt it apart from each other during that eclipse
when ducks were sleeping in the middle of the day,
and trains of memories passed us when the sun had mostly faded.


Comments on: "Eclipse" (10)

  1. A beautiful poem!

  2. Another gem Ina. You just keep them coming; wonderful ❤️ Xxx

  3. It is amazing how you keep producing verse after verse of evocative thought-provoking poetry. I’ve simply no idea how you manage it

  4. Nettie Schroders said:

    Mooi hoor Ina. Gr Nettie.

  5. The imagery of those last six lines are so evocative of an eclipse, both the physical and the emotional.

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