Waking up

This could be yesterday, for all I know
Closing my eyes as I don’t want to learn
New thoughts meandering in speeding flow:
Affection should not be something to earn.

Could I ask you to make the fire burn,
put the kettle on when you go down below,
ask anything from you at all? I yearn
for more affection but I can not show.

I hear your heavy footsteps as you go
From dark and loud till light, of no concern
To me as I sleep on, and shall be so
Deeply at peace awaiting your return.

Has this been today now or tomorrow?
Have hours passed since we were to adjourn?
The bed is cold and empty in its sorrow.
I feel I want you badly as I turn.


Comments on: "Waking up" (6)

  1. I always love the beauty of your thoughts and the subtlety of expression you manage to engage in expressing them. Another deliciously subtle piece and full of haunting but undemanding melancholia. What a treasure you are πŸ™‚

  2. Again I echo what Peter says Ina, a beautiful melancholy piece but without sentimentality. You do these do very well, especially as these latest piems are so very personal. Love and big hugs (((Ina))) ❀️ Xxx

  3. As ever, Ina, written with a full and open heart. Best wishes to you – to you both of course.

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