Apple blossom rain

Through inky dark shades, another world
you walk, across the street
where apple blossom rains on either side;
the tree itself a glorious eruption of a Summer.

Fruit will come later on in time, in lesser sunshine.
We won’t taste the sweet sourness of a bitter fall together.
This precious moment should be ours,
In pinkish snow, in radiant love and youth.

I imagine you crossing the street out of darkness
But in a flash you disappear and you were never there.
The tree shows only bare and dried out branches.
Another world we could have lived in, gone again.

Comments on: "Apple blossom rain" (15)

  1. As I said on Fb Ina, this is so visual. I could see and feel the scene. A touch of melancholy just gave this such a real feel. Beautiful. ❤️ Xxx

  2. Very much the tone of that 6th line that’s so attractive in this one throughout, the “sweet sourness” indeed. Bitter sweet as they same times say.

  3. Such a beautiful poem Ina. 🙂

  4. Deeply moving.

  5. There is such a rich understanding of time and passing in this. A beautiful and sad beauty

  6. Gorgeous imagery of loss and dreaming for something gone.

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