So much could be better:
The lives of pot plants, nutritious thoughts,
Me as your companion.

Predisposing factors for sadness.
Your smile means everything to me now
But you take mine for a grin.

My smile could be better,
I bought some hyacinths not yet blooming
And I contemplate about us a lot.

Comments on: "Marriage" (23)

  1. Love that closing stanza especially, the hyacinths like the smile, waiting to bloom. Hyacinths to you 🙂

  2. This is the time of year for hyacinths…I especially love the blue ones. (I have a friend who always addresses me with “Hiyacynth”…. in her emails 🙂 ) I have been thinking of you, Ina, and sending thoughts of good wishes your way ❤

    • Hi Hyacynthia 🙂
      Thank you very much. We are going through a difficult time now and it is very comforting to know you , and others, think of us xxx ❤

  3. Beautiful Ina. Even though you say your smile could be better, you are still managing to smile and some days that is a great task. Thinking of you lots as always and I hope the calendar arrives safely it is on its way! ❤️ Xxx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much. I am not sure how we will go through the coming time, but I am very grateful to know you are thinking of us. And I am looking forward to the calendar! ❤ xxx

  4. What a beautiful poem Ina!

  5. Always love your verses, and the whimsical way you bring details like the hyacinths in to give the verses context. Beautiful as always

  6. These are brave lines, again, Ina. Three cheers for you!

  7. It is about living and loving you. Have a loving week Ina. 🙂

  8. A wonderful love poem, Ina.

  9. Jane Thorne said:

    Beautiful Ina ❤

  10. Anonymous said:

    a lovely contemplative piece… Alan

  11. Very lovely, {{{Ina}}}, full of feeling and those special details that make your poetry so fine. XO ❤

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