After sunset


As well as we expected, orange eve
And purple seas have finally embraced
Each other, but where other sunsets leave
Us lonely in the dark, so not this place.

Away from all that makes us sad, there’s light
Reflecting in your eyes when you find mine
Here on this beach, although it’s cold and night
We are together under stars and we are fine.

To feel your hand in mine, through mittens’ wool
And have your arm around me is enough,
There are no more restrictions, there’s no rule
For what we have when we’re together. Love.

Emotions have a reason, what we feel
Can keep us well together, make it real.

I took the photo last Sunday, Terschelling Beach

Comments on: "After sunset" (18)

  1. Beautiful words and feelings here Ina! Love is beautiful.

  2. I like the references to the senses of touch and sight. The dusk over the sea is perfect for those close moments of loving. Alan

  3. Beautiful poem about precious moments Ina. And the photo is just exquisite ❤️ xxx

  4. So very beautiful, Ina. The power of love. XO ❤

  5. Shakespeare and the crafting of sonnets. You are both!

  6. So moving and telling and real and true. Every time I visit your Blog I am never disappointed. You know how to pick out those little details in a moment or emotion which make the whole piece vivid. If this is a true event, I am so pleased that you could share it together

  7. Sonnetally splendid Ina.

  8. A sonnet, Ina. A beautiful sonnet. You handle the final couplet, building on the love in the first ten lines, beautifully, summarizing and sending the sentiment of the sonnet into a reality that the reader can feel. Good work.

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