Freedom too

Middle in my comfort zone
Of liking facebook kittens,
Pondering on shallow Zen quotes
That seem deep but are
Multiple interpretable,
Wandering through empty meadows,
Thinking about what to eat and write,
And reading Lucretius who tells me
What of nature I should need to know,
And would it snow today or not,

Four Jews are shot for being Jew,
Some fine satirists gone.
This wakes me up
From what it is that occupies my mind
From whom I care for even so,
It’s sweeping me away from home
To where I’m more aware
That we don’t live to only please ourselves.

So many keep their voices down
Or lovingly express support
But not for any of the victims (don’t they care?)
For what it’s worth I try
To raise my unimportant voice,
At least I have a choice to speak or look away.
I love you so. My saddened European home
And all of us. Our freedom.
Satire. All who love to get some peace
On this our lovely Earth.


Comments on: "Freedom too" (14)

  1. Elaine Randall English said:

    It is well that you CAN feel the sorrow of recent tragedies. I have to choose there is a REASON behind ALL things….not just a CAUSE…but reason….implying a meaningful existence is possible despite the sorrows of life. Otherwise life is insupportably grim. You words were used well.

  2. Jane Thorne said:

    Your beautiful words echo what is in my heart Ina…the sadness reminds us that we are all connected. Yet we yearn for it to be love that evokes this feeling. ❤

    • Hi Jane, thank you. Sometimes it is difficult to choose sides, everyone has arguments to support their case and there are victims everywhere, but in this case it is easy. I read a Jihadist say that if there is freedom of satire, there also is freedom of action. That’s creepy enough for me.

  3. Who would think peace would be so difficult to attain/maintain? The world is a very complex, complicated place. I think I would need to study so much more before I could express myself confidently on all this. ❤️ xxx

  4. I empathize with. the struggle you express in this poem, Ina. For me it is beyond reason, beyond opining, beyond words.

    • Thank you Cynthia. When words are all we can use to show our support, I think that’s the thing to do.

  5. Yep, that’s it in a nutshell, how important it is to notice what moves us out of our comfort zone.

  6. We live in increasingly troubled times marked by events outside our own homes, and this brings that home so well

  7. Your words expressed perfectly what our world is enduring now and how we’re all feeling, Ina…I still haven’t figured out if things are getting worse than years before or if technology is simply bringing it to us in a speedier fashion.
    I feel for future generations and I refuse to live in fear but it could be easily done going on any errands, vacation or even out to the movies. I’m still grateful for where I live and pray that someday peace will prevail…beautiful poem, Lauren xo

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