To the son

Now, while my body’s dying more and more
So, yours is not, and every time I see
you, I’m surprised of youth and energy.
My flesh and bones and blood and all before.

We held on to each other, from your birth.
Continue in this cruel and endless night
From where the ape began to stand upright.
Then let me go as I sink into Earth.

More life is waiting for yourself to be
Explored. To be embraced and cared about,
To whisper silent dreams and shout out loud:
Explore! Live on when I can not. For me.

We go beyond ourselves by whom we love,
To be at peace with that, will be enough.


Comments on: "To the son" (21)

  1. Elaine Randall English said:

    So beautiful Ina….and so true…..and hopefully he will do the same for his descendants. Love you much…think of you every day.

  2. Beautiful sonnet Ina, wise and true. Happy Birthday! And lots and lots of love. I hope it is sunny for you (it is here) and you can take some good photos on your walk 😊❤️ Xxx

    • Thank you very much {{{ Christine }}} ! It is a bit cloudy here, and I don’t have time to walk today, but tomorrow I hope! ❤ xxx 🙂

  3. I will look at the sun for you 😄 xxx

  4. What a beautiful poem, Ina. I read above that it’s your birthday, so add my good wishes to Christine’s for much love, sunshine, and peace in your heart.

  5. A sonnet, very tough to do but well done. I especially like that closing couplet, not just for form, but for how it provides a kind of resolution, a soft but expansive conclusion.

  6. What a blessing to read this Ina. Peace to you.

  7. a good poetry form to enjoy.
    well done,


  8. Jane Thorne said:

    ❤ for you and Toussaint, Ina. You have crafted a beautiful sonnet. xX

  9. You have the most beautiful perspective and your expression is always remarkable, In a more sensible world you would receive a lot more recognition. My thoughts are with you and yours this 2015

    • Thank you Peter, for your kind words! I shall be thinking of you too. Ah, to live in a more sensible world !

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