Cover reveal Roads book 1

Winter goose cover reveal Roads book 1

It is a rather unsettling time at the moment, for both my husband and me. Maybe that is the reason I am so glad and grateful there is something to look forward to in the next year, which is the release of Roads, book 1 and book 2.


Today the cover reveal took place. The cover is a painting done by my dear friend David Agnew from Leeds, and it is one of my favorites of his work.

The first volume of the 2 poetry books is about the Road to the Other, and the Road to Ourself.

Roads carry promise within their meaning. They are all about choice, persistence, and uncertainty. They are about life. While roads can be slippery, steep, narrow, and dark, they always hold the possibility of leading us not only towards experiencing others, but to an understanding of ourselves, as well.


Comments on: "Cover reveal Roads book 1" (16)

  1. Powerful words, and I look forward to the release of your books. I believe congratulations are in order! πŸ™‚

  2. Now this is definitely something to look forward to Ina! Congratulations! 😊❀️ Xxx

  3. Looks great, Ina πŸ™‚

  4. At the moment, with your winter snow theme, the cover has snowflakes drifting across it… a beautiful effect.

  5. Best wishes to your coming release of book, And best wishes of the season to you and your husband,

  6. Congratulations, Ina! The cover painting is very expansive. I hope you don’t mind me “coming along for the ride” … πŸ™‚ XO ❀

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