On a dune

About here we stood, I agree with the storm,
Here, on a day when nothing
Of the tormentations had happened yet,
No clue was given to the train our lives would be,
Driven by the madman, racing past stations,
Ignoring signs and speeding.

Yes here it was. You and me, before we
Started life together. Young and almost flying.
The place is now owned by some hostile birds.
I stand here in the worst of weather
Trying to see meaning reading our letters,
The omen, the reasons in your words. And crying.


Comments on: "On a dune" (20)

  1. I find this very moving, Ina ❤

  2. I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but your poetry has become magical.

  3. I agree. These lines are beautifully made, Ina. Painful too.

  4. Beautiful, moving, poignant, all these and more Ina, just beautiful ❤️ Xx

  5. From your heart, {{{Ina}}}, reaching out through your courage to me and so many others. Beautiful. XO ❤

  6. “No clue was given to the train our lives would be” — lovely line, the image, the rush of it all. One typo a bit later, “passed” ought to be “past” I’m thinking.

  7. Ina this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing from the depths of your heart.

  8. Reflections so moving they touch us all. This feels so much like life can be. Hoping for you and for us all that the train slows down some.x

  9. The understanding, pain and search for some reason are palpable and beautifully etched. As always these days, you are in my thoughts, and especially when I read such words as these which so sad and yet beautiful

  10. Describes what is difficult to describe. May I reblog?

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