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Kindred spirits

The cat and me, we stood and watched
The dogs fight in the street.
We looked at one another.

I raised my shoulders,
The cat shook its head
Then we went on
in opposite directions.

Some things are shared
Between kindred spirits
Without them being said.

Publication – Dancing in the Rain

My dear friend Christine has written Dancing in the Rain which will be released soon! πŸ™‚


This post is to let you all know that myΒ  book Dancing in the Rain, published by Bennison Books will be available shortly. The image which I am sharing here today will appear on the cover and has been created by my dear friend Diane Denton, artist, poet and author of a truly lovely historical novel. β€˜A House Near Luccoliβ€˜. She has also written a sequel called β€˜To a Strange Somewhere Fled’ which will be published soon by All Things That Matter Press. I can highly recommend the first one and am very excited about the sequel. Thank you so much Diane!

I would like to thank all of you who have followed my poetry journey so far, from its very unsure beginnings in 2011. Every single one of you who has taken the time to visit my blog and comment has had an input in this book, because…

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I feel alone when I walk near the sea,
The rolling waves keep coming towards me
Then fading calmly, sliding back, and leave.
The sea takes hope – the cunning coward thief.

A grey and Winter’s day, all birds are gone.
The ancient roar is mumbling dusk to dawn
And doesn’t mind that I don’t listen well
to all the miracles she has to tell.

I feel alone when I walk near the sea,
The ancient roar is mumbling dusk to dawn,
The rolling waves keep coming towards me.
A grey and Winter’s day. All birds are gone


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