Waking up

There have been wonder years,
Lonely nights of hope,
There was a hint of paradise
Also a little hell to cope,
Dreams that stuck to life
And wishing wells to find,
Rainy days to leave behind and faces
That I can’t forget,
The losing and the luck
And all the things you did,
The roller coaster weeks
Of fears and little faith
And in the end maybe some false relief,
And so much grief
And the hardest bit
Will be waking up
Without you.

Comments on: "Waking up" (16)

  1. I can’t find any appropriate words Ina, but your feelings are beautifully expressed ❤️ Xxx

  2. yeoldefoole said:

    This is heartbreaking and beautiful.

  3. moving beyond any description

  4. Yes, waking up without….is maybe the hardest of all. ❤

  5. You have a beautiful gift Ina. Thank you for sharing it even through the pain.

  6. {{{Ina}}} My admiration for you dear friend as your struggling and, yet, strengthening thoughts and feelings rise up from your heart and soul leaves me without more to say but more love than ever for you. (Nicodemas said it perfectly) XO ❤

  7. Love all those opposites, those contradictions woven into the fabric of this one. Must be how it feels, that being at odds with one’s self. Very true, it reads very true.

  8. The last line says it all and I share the inability of all your friends to find the right words to truly bring you comfort and perspective, but how I wish I could. You are both always in my thoughts x

    • Thank you very much Peter. ( I am very much behind blog reading, but I am looking forward to reading yours.) x

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