My husband’s Dutch blogposting

The friendly surgeon was frank, I am no surgery material, the latest laparoscopy confirmed what previous examinations in Leeuwarden already had pointed at. There are too many cancer cells spreading to have a succesful surgery.

I shall go for chemotherapy, which can be done in Leeuwarden, in close connection with the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. Considering my general condition and the condition of my other organs, this could yield good results.

The diagnosing period is closed now. What follows, is called the “palliative treatment path”. I shall now have to find a balance between resting and improving my shape, between accepting and hope. To put it briefly: continuing life, in spite of the fact that there is less later than before.

Now this applies to everyone above a certain age, but not everyone is told as explicitly and crystal clearly as the one diagnosed with this form of cancer. For now, life still seems more than worthy of living. So we shall just do that.

I hope and expect I shall function on my present health level for a considerable time. With chemo and specific approach of my overall shape, there might even be an improvement.
Dear blog visitors, more people than I expected are visiting here. I appreciate that. It is possible to leave a comment, but not necessary.

Comments on: "Personally: an update on my present situation. (My husband’s blogposting)" (32)

  1. ❤️ Lots of hope in this post Ina. Thoughts still with you both. Much love xxx ❤️

  2. My thoughts are with you both,and that you get to enjoy and share many days together

  3. Ina, having managed to face cancer and then come out on the other end clear of the stuff (at least for now), I have some idea about what you two are going through right now. How do you face such a diagnoses? By remembering, as your husband does in this post, that life is worth living and with determination to come out on the other side of a tough, draining treatment. There is always hope.

    • Hi Thomas, it is so good to know you are in the clear, that is wonderful. It is a very difficult time for him ( and also for me) , as you understand as no other. Life is so beautiful, it is worth hanging on to it.

  4. each day is a gift the too many of us fail to recognize

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    This too will pass and you will go back to what you’ve been doing… God bless you

  6. This time is unreal, and very precious…my heartfelt good wishes to you both. ❤

  7. I agree there is hope in this post. Wishing you blessings, strength, and peace!

  8. I hope palliative care could lengthen and stabilise the condition. Best of health and success,

  9. “Hope” is the thing with feathers—
    That perches in the soul—
    And sings the tune without the words—
    And never stops — at all….
    ~Emily Dickinson

    So much love coming to you both,flying over the miles with hope and healing, {{{Ina}}}. XO ❤

  10. Sending you both my warmest wishes and thoughts. All will be well.

  11. My thoughts and good wishes are with you and your husband. Keep up the hope and positive attitude.

  12. Hi again Toussaint. For you: “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible” – Christopher Reeve

  13. In thought and prayer for you both.x

  14. Such a dreadfully tough challenge. Very best wishes to you both Ina.

  15. Ina, my thoughts are with you and your husband as you face the future. May the treatments be as successful as possible, and may you both continue to find love and joy in the beautiful little moments of life. And may there be many!

  16. Jane Thorne said:

    Love ❤ to you both and I am sending healing energy. Hugs for you both xXx

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