The other option

Is there another option, so you asked.
We stood barefooted on the bedroom floor,
The wind was hauling through the bathroom door
Ajar, and rain was falling. It was not even six am.
It was appalling.  The other option is to stay, I said.

We rather went right back to bed
And give the cold and dark a miss.
But ferries hardly ever wait for us
To get in somewhat of a travelling mood.
So there we stood, no other option left
Than to stick together, to get dressed and go
Into a future with no warranties. We felt bereft.




Comments on: "The other option" (15)

  1. This is so very moving Ina. I guess this is probably the only drawback of living on an island, when you have no choice but to take the ferry on a journey you certainly wouldnt have chosen. I feel for you both and I am still thinking of you often. Love and big hugs ❤️ Xxx

  2. I second Christine’s comment…..bonne chance…

  3. Nicely set up, the way the other option, which is to meet the ferry and travel, is a bit veiled in the first stanza, seen more clearly in the second. Lends a kind of mystery to what that other option really is so early in the poem. I wonder about those last three words, if they’re needed, because I think I could see that emotion already and I so much love the warranties line as an ending. Something to ponder…:-)

  4. I love the depth of this poem.

  5. Yes, the difficulties and uncertainties are, as always, beautifully expressed. You are both constantly in my thoughts

  6. A very moving text Ina… capture so much about the journey of our lives. The wind hauling through the bathroom door is superb. This island of Skylge is the place to be ….. my thoughts are with you

  7. Jane Thorne said:

    You capture it so well..that sense of ‘we have to keep going, though we know not what awaits us…’ ❤ xX

  8. Your poetry has poise, it’s just wonderful! Keep it up 🙂

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