That day

For every time you smiled, a butterfly will show
When that day has come, while many flowers bloom,
When our goodbyes are done and you move on and go.

When that day has come, may you remember all
The good days that you had before this very Fall
And may there be a thousand birds and some to guide you.

A million butterflies and more, may they surround
You on your voyage and beyond, while every flower blooms
For all the love you gave. When that day has come.

Comments on: "That day" (9)

  1. This is absolutely lovely, and heart-rending.

  2. Ina this is very beautiful, and powerful. I appreciate you reading the poem, as well as your being so open and vulnerable, in sharing this. Blessings and peace to you and your husband.

  3. I could not read this without tears, Ina. Then, when I heard it in your own voice, I knew once again what poetry is for, and the gift that it is. Thank you.

  4. Mooi , ontroerend en bittersweet gedicht, maar wat ook getuigd van kracht.
    Heel veel knuffels voor jullie beiden ❤ xxxx

  5. May I reblog? (If you don ‘t wish in this case, I understand, a very moving piece). Tales of Unwise Paths.

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