I have not looked for it nor did I find
The reason why we live, or die, the kind
Of questions we are bound to ask. I won’t
Go into any details why I don’t
Want such intrusions targeting my mind.

But every now and then I hesitate:
Should I not care more of my kind of fate,
And mind. Can all those many priests be wrong
And have they been mistaken all along,
Is it too early to find out, or just too late?

I have not looked for it and didn’t mind
But recently I’m having doubts, the kind
You have when someone has a certain date
With death. The darkness felt as heavy weight,
We stand before eternity. Aligned.

Comments on: "Aligned" (14)

  1. The ending is especially lovely, a facing that perplexity. Don’t remember what form of poem you’re playing with here, but the rhyme done well.

    • Thank you very much David. I don’t know the form, it started as a sonnet actually but on the way this came off it 🙂

  2. A powerfully emotional piece of writing Ina. I feel somewhat an intruder coming only recently to your work which now has a very very personal theme. Best wishes

    • Hi Alan, you are no intruder at all, I am glad you read my blog! Thank you very much! It is difficult to write about any thing else for now, even if I try.

  3. I believe doubts are as integral to our existence as certainty. Neither are absolute. Kind of like light and dark. This poem is prayer-like even as it questions faith and … belief. It is a most honest entreaty. Very moving. Beautiful. All my love and a big hug, {{{Ina}}}. XO ❤

    • Hi Diane, thank you. Doubting is about all we can be sure of doing perhaps. {{{ Diane }}} big hugs to you too ❤ xxx

  4. A beautiful poem! It’s never too late to investigate, and ask questions. It can be good for us I think.

  5. “We stand before eternity”. That’s well put Ina and not easy to live with.

  6. Jane Thorne said:

    ❤ Ina, what a great poem beneath a sky of fire, that has the power to burn, shed light or warm in equal measure. xX

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