The translation of my husband’s new blog posting.
When the news has “landed”, should a person get used to it also? I don’t know, on the unsurpassed internet much and often good information can be found about cancer and the people who have to deal with it, but I could not find a generally applying answer. So I wonder if one can get used to a situation like that. Something like dentures, or another kind of prosthesis. A nuisance at first, and present in an intrusive way, then, after a while, just a part of your body. You rather didn’t have it, but it happens to be there and it is no use complaining. This is how I would want to face my new companion, the stomach cancer. But by then all kinds of emotions are running through my brain and body. Exhausting emotions, while the body already has difficulty to function with all those evil cells that are joining the system.

It so happens that there is a surplus of bloggers, writers and other media professionals who are active reflecting their own anamnesis.
Often fascinatingly and well written. But I now get the impulse to defend myself, I really didn’t get this cancer to join in this hype. And the fact that I blog about it, has no other function than the rest of my blog has. It is on my mind, and I want to share that on a modest scale with the people who take the effort of coming here. Nothing more, nothing less.

Meanwhile life continues. There are many beautiful moments with my beloved one, (grand) children and during lovely walks. The support and friendship I experience is overwhelming. How to put that into words I don’t really know. It is heart warming and it comes in directly, I shall leave it at that for now. Being ill is what I mostly do whit in the walls of our home. How we manage and experience all of it here I won’t describe, there has to remain a comfortable limit of some privacy.
A nice diner whit in the framework of local government, (without joining in the meal still a fine evening) , a lively council meeting and much, mutual concern. Those are about the ingredients that makes it possible for me to be more than a man with a disease.

This week I shall step into the hospital world again. A 2nd opinion, so also a verdict again. That too is something I shall have to go through, and then the wait whether chemo and/or other medical interventions might do something for me. Maybe I shall find out in time how to live life while the finiteness of that life announces itself so shamelessly and impertinently.
Meanwhile I listen to old songs, Schubert. Timelessly beautiful. Dietrich Fischer Diskau in his years of glory.

It looks like it will be a good Sunday. All the best to you. Till next time.

My husband’s blogposting in Dutch

Comments on: "Personally, stomach cancer and not getting used to it." (18)

  1. Elaine Randall English said:

    It is well put and seems to be good for you to write it Toussaint….I really understand where you are coming from. It is the place of all humanity and our mortal condition. I’m glad you are getting the second opinion….it will satisfy your questioning perhaps. You have a lovely, lovely wife and I know you and she have many hours left in life to share love with each other.

    • Thank you very much {{{ Elaine }}} , Toussaint is very moved by your kind words. We both are very grateful for your support. And we so hope to have those many ours!

  2. This time of life-altering shock forces us to “re-invent the universe” as I call it. Nothing will ever be the same. But it seems like you are standing strong and facing whatever is coming your way. Thank you, Ina, for keeping us updated. I’m sure there is a lot of caring out here in blogsville. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and Toussaint. ❤

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you very much. We now know a little more as we went to Amsterdam to see doctors in a specialized hospital there, the Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. They said they are not too sure that the cancer has spread too far for curative treatment, so they will do a laproscopy later this month. It is not over yet! ❤

  3. Thank you for sharing this, and for your openess and honesty.

  4. Very best wishes to you both. Keep struggling on!

  5. Very well expressed, and courageously so. Thoughts are with you both

  6. This is a very moving piece almost like a conversation Toussaint is engaging us in. Yet all we can do is listen. But we are listening with love to words of courage and inspiration.
    I hope all goes well at the hospital. Please know you are both in my thoughts,always. L&H ❤️ Xx

  7. As long as life is to will, stomach cancer is only a name. Life to will means music shall still sound sweet and here I wish Touissant this :’ may music never stop in your life.” Veel gezondheid en beterschap, beste

  8. Jane Thorne said:

    Healing ❤ for you and Toussaint..'tis a journey where you feel disconnected from the norm, yet we are all connected. Xx

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