To find what you saw, I went to harbour towns
Where you might have been years ago.
Every windy quay had weed and pain
Growing through the stones,
Each bollard was rusting in sad silent rain.

The ships came and went, come and go as always.
Once you must have been there as well
And I always heard echoes of slamming doors,
You in splashing laugh
Although I don’t really remember yours.

All the ports of the Baltic, of France
And of England, of Ireland and Belgium,
Scandinavia too:
I came there looking
For memories and traces of you.

Sometimes I found you in other people
Who might have seen what you saw.
Recently I’ve stopped looking for you. As it is:
We can not go on
Meeting each other like this.

Not meeting each other like this.

Comments on: "Tracking" (12)

  1. Just wonderful, Ina..I love it!

  2. Brilliant idea behind this.

  3. Love this Ina, so much atmosphere and feeling woven in. L&H xxx❀️

  4. Interesting,mthe sense of following someone you love through other people. Other places. I wonder what it is the “you” saw to sponsor such a dedicated and beautiful search.

    • Hi David, thank you. The you here is meant to be my father actually, he was a merchant marine I think it is called, so he was away a lot. He died in 1993 and there is much of his life I would like to know more about.

  5. Jane Thorne said:

    ❀ Xx

  6. Thanks for sharing a little of your Odyssey, Ina. Wonderful poem – especially loved these lines: “Sometimes I found you in other people
    Who might have seen what you saw.”
    XO ❀

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