Kindred spirits

The cat and me, we stood and watched
The dogs fight in the street.
We looked at one another.

I raised my shoulders,
The cat shook its head
Then we went on
in opposite directions.

Some things are shared
Between kindred spirits
Without them being said.

Comments on: "Kindred spirits" (15)

  1. Wonderful Ina! And so true. I could picture this scene. Made me smile L&H xxx ❤️

  2. Thank you Christine 🙂 Cats just know… lol L&H xxx ❤️

  3. Oh they do! 😊❤️ Xx

  4. One of those priceless moments of wordless communication….love this, Ina, so simple and so true! 🙂

  5. The rhythms here are so simple – that first stanza especially – so in tune with what the poem is about. Such a gentle point of view from which to watch the world growl. Nice.

  6. Oh, surprise, surprise, I love this, {{{Ina}}}! The wisdom of Ina and her cat! XO ❤

  7. So much truth in this. Also, I love cats.

  8. This is beautiful Ina.

  9. Jane Thorne said:

    There is joy in unspoken understanding and cats simply ‘know’. ❤

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