Our last bird left

There are no words,
Tears were shed already,
Hands held. We stare
Out of the window into nothing
Where the birds used to be when we fed them.

The lonely Robin is eating your apple,
The one I bought weeks ago
That you can’t eat anymore.
We don’t speak, just look.
The last Robin is leaving us as well.

It is Autumn, all seems dead
And rain speaks of our near farewell
That we don’t want to fear
As I reach for your hand
We hear the Robin sing next door.

Comments on: "Our last bird left" (19)

  1. You’re so right, Ina,. Don’t speak, just look. ❤

  2. Holding hands silently is always a good thing.

  3. A wonderfully expressive, personal piece.

  4. You have given an entirely new meaning to the Robin, and new meanings are what poems are supposed to do.

    • Hi David, thank you. The Robins that come here in Winter are different ones than the ones we have here in Summer. I just don’t see the difference 🙂

  5. Thank-you that is amazing!

  6. Where others couldn’t (can’t) find the words, you do, Ina, with all the honesty and rawness that adds so much the lyricism of your poetry, Quite beautiful, reaching out of your heart to mine. All my love and prayers to you both. XO ❤

    • Hi {{{ Diane }}} , thank you very much, these are difficult times especially emotionally, we have no idea what the future will bring, but of course no one really has. ❤ xxx

  7. Beautifully brave Ina. Just keep looking and loving and know I am here. ❤️ xx

  8. Jane Thorne said:

    Holding hands ❤

  9. I just hate that this is happening to such a person as you. It is a cruelty beyond imagining and I wish I could offer a greater comfort than these words, but I cannot.

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