Waiting for daylight

These fears keep us going in spite
To lean back now means to give in
We won’t give in for now in spite of all
And we won’t do the looking back in spite.

Against the odds you got it.
(you hadn’t smoked in decades,
you hadn’t drunk in years,
you did eat healthy stuff.)

We watch the curtains wave, we wait
For daylight entering the room.
Nocturnal clouds move over
Like every ending of each night.

Comments on: "Waiting for daylight" (18)

  1. I hate that the tag is “like”. What I mean by “like” is that I think your poem is good but I don’t “like” the reason you wrote it. Wishing you the best.

  2. Very poignant Ina, difficult words at a more than difficult time. My love as always ❤️ Xxx

  3. All the ways you use the word spite in that first stanza, yet there is such strength in what you say.

  4. Life is just unfair sometimes, and I wish this was not so, but it is. My thoughts are with you

    • Hi Peter, thank you very much. It is unfair, it always is. ( I am way behind reading blogs, sorry I’ve missed some of your postings. Will catch up! )

  5. Beyond words, Ina…watching and waiting with you ❤

  6. I agree with Trent. The writing is beautiful, but you are in our thoughts right now. Praying.

  7. To write so eloquently out of such a difficult situation … proves there are miracles within you and Toussiant. So often the ‘whys’ have no answer. The last stanza is so very moving, Ina. What more to say for now … except you both have my love and are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. XO ❤

  8. My thoughts go to you and your brave husband, Ina.

  9. Your tender expressions of hurt and hope touch deeper than deep…”we wait
    For daylight entering the room.” We all wait with you both, for light…

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