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This is a blog I don’t want to write. But since I started sharing my story, I don’t feel I should quit now. When I wrote my last blog posting, my “personal story”, I had a good message. The doctor who examined my petscan of a part of my organs told me he did not see any spreading of the cancer (just something suspicious ) . So I was more optimistic about the continuation of my treatment. Unfortunately today I was told that further examination showed a totally different picture. The tumor is too big and too far spread for surgery. I shall not make this a medical – technical story, but that was the essence of the message.

Of course we are going for a second opinion, but with the explanation this doctor gave, I don’t expect the outcome to be something very different. So we shall now go into the direction of chemo therapy, to slow the process down as much as possible, and to stay up and about as long as possible. Well, and what sensible thing is there left to say about this? I just don’t know now. Going for the here and now, and staying active as long as possible, living life by day or by hour. That is as far as I get for now. It was storming today, and not only at sea and on the shore. That is all for now.

Perhaps I shall write more here, for now we will recover from the blow, and then see if “living life” is an option we can live with.

8 oktober 2014 004

Comments on: "My husband’s blog: “Personally, a turn for the worse”" (18)

  1. Sending you heart-felt wishes for healing.

  2. Wishing for the best for your husband.

  3. I know a handful of people dealing with this. I know it’s tough. I never know what to say. However, I’m wishing you both a lot of strength.

  4. So brave to share this. Thinking of you both at this difficult time.

  5. My very best wishes and my thoughts are with you both

  6. Sending prayers and hugs and so much love, Ina. I can’t say enough that I wish I could give you practical – physical support. Day by day, even hour by hour, is all we have after all … the future is now a minute ago. The constancy of the love and courage you and Toussaint show and share is an inspiration – I am constantly thinking about you both and hopeful, yet. May there be blessings – the sand, the sea and sunrises – in your trial. XO ❤

  7. Your words and the photo image are so very poignant, but you do not walk alone along this beach, never think you do. Your courage and light shine strongly and we reflect it back to you, both of you and all. Many souls gather around you, supporting and healing. This is not a metaphor, it is a loving reality. My whole being flies across the world to embrace you with radiant life and hope….

    • Hi John, sorry I missed this reply, thank you very much for your support and words! It means a lot to us both that there are so many people who are thinking about us.

  8. We are all with you both xx

  9. Just finished 43 radiations for prostate cancer few months ago. Now Lupron shot every month. Found in very early stage and confined area. We’ll see. You are not alone.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you have this terrible cancer, but it is good they found it in an early stage. Radiation is possible when it is a local cancer, so I’m told. My husband’s tumor is too diffuse and too large for that, but he might benefit from chemo, even a gastrectomy perhaps (but this is not likely.) Thank you Carl and know you are not alone either.

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