The ward

There was a little boy
In the hospital corridor
Where people around him
And he was doing a pirouette

And this was the cancer ward
And here people were dying
There was a little boy
A mile away
A time away

And for a moment
All were dancing with him
A day away
A needle away
All became memories
That no one ever saw


Comments on: "The ward" (25)

  1. This is just lovely, Ina…like an angel appearing…it reminds me of when I was in hospital, after a cancer operation and a lady with a harp, who came regularly to play music for the patients, stopped into my room and played beautiful celtic music for me…an angel appearing, for sure. I’m glad you are able to write and blog during this difficult time….if good thoughts and wishes can help, you certainly have mine and many others. Take care ā¤

    • Hi Cynthia thank you very much. Sorry to learn you went through such a time too. But what a lovely thing to remember, the harp music… That’s wonderful. We both try to go on with life as well as possible, but the time between examinations and the waiting are hard. Thank you again my dear friend ā¤

  2. I agree. That was really special in the writing and the dancing.

  3. Very best wishes from a frequent reader.

  4. Very nice, those lines at the end especially: a mile away, a time away, a needle away. Melody with heart. Say, I was wondering why I’m not seeing your poems post on FB anymore. I see your pics posted, but not the poems. Just wondering…

  5. How very wonderful, as Cynthia said, an angel. Children have a way of bringing the magic light of innocence and grace into the darkest times and places. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment Ina xx

  6. A well-captured moment translated into a vivid image.

  7. You capture so brilliantly the way children create their own worlds regardless of the circumstances which brought them to a particular place. You remind me that you have to be in a particular place and I so wish you didn’t. You know my thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family

    • Hi Peter, thank you very much. Children so easily seem to adjust and go on with life. A good exapmple to follow šŸ™‚

  8. Your words danced in your poem Ina as you recall a moment suspended in time. So hard to know what else to say, and I am pleased that you can conrinue to write inbetween the daily struggles. Hugging you and sending much love and prayers for you both. ā¤ļø Xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much for all your kindness and support. We both try to deal with this bad situation. Maybe just working and doing every day stuff is the best to keep going ā¤

  9. I think you are right ā¤ļø Xx

  10. Just lovely, Ina. Your observant (using the word in reference to your literal seeing as well as your devotion to your art) eye and heart and sensibility find the perfect buoyant moments to lift everyone spirits. Hugs and much love always. XO ā¤

  11. Very moving, you have captured a lifetime in a few words.

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