Let it pour

What I would like for a good day now
has to start as lazy long morning
after a lot of sleep
and you beside me smiling,
arms reaching, around me, all ending
in the nicest dream, a memory to keep;

there should be a blanket of warmth
and yellow candlelight
after walking a mile on the beach,
as we find a moist smelling fire-place.
We hear friendly voices near us talking
while outside rain is pouring over a window fast.

A good day is that.
And we had such before, you and me.
I would like them forever to last.
Let there be more, more.
Let it be, let it pour.
Let life be a bit like before.


Comments on: "Let it pour" (16)

  1. love that pummel of rhyme at the end, magnifico!

  2. Reached into my heart, Ina. Lovely as it weaves contentment with longing. Sending so much love. XO ❀

  3. What a beautiful, and sensitive poem. I love the feelings and the images.

  4. … a moist smelling fire-place, where once, and not so long ago, care had been taken, though it had been banked unevenly with driftwood; the ash, the drift of moist air from it, is salty, grey.

  5. This moved me greatly as I read it this morning.

    David ❀ xxx

  6. I wish all these things for you too Ina. A beautifully moving poem which tugged away at me. L&H xx ❀️

  7. Simple, everyday treasures of life and love that last forever…touched me deeply Ina, thank you…xox

  8. You are very much in my thoughts at the moment and I pray that for you, life will be “very much as before” πŸ™‚

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