Time out

8 oktober 2014 014

Cosy ramblings and a walk on the beach,
Ten memories each and without the drinking.
We enter a place where we find back ourselves.
Fire and chairs from decades ago.
Sand and a glow and the Northsea’s noise:
This home is our choice as we need to be
in a deserted good café for now.


Comments on: "Time out" (11)

  1. Looks like the kind of place I ought to carry around on my back and set down anywhere…

    • Yes if that is not to heavy lol. It is a very nice spot, with a wood burner, and this time of year, in the morning, very quiet. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful, whimsical, wacky house…I see myself living out my days in a place like this, an eccentric old beach bum with sand in my hair reading poetry to crabs…

  3. This certainly looks deserted.
    I love the angle of the windows.I think its lovely that you can have walks by the sea; very renewing and connected to what matters. L&H ❤️ Xx

    • They have tables that are chess boards, comfy chairs and nice stuff to eat (and drink) . I think I could stay there all winter 🙂 ❤ xxx L&H

  4. Sounds like a good plan! 😊❤️ xx

  5. I love the almost fanciful attitude of this ‘home’. Such a special spot, the kind of place that is always perfect to relax and escape reality in, but, especially, important for you at this time, Ina. The poem is so fine … XO ❤

    • Thank you Diane. It is a very nice place. Inside, comfy chairs and a fire place, and beautiful music (although no music would be fine too 🙂 ) xxx ❤

  6. What a wonderful place that looks.
    I could certainly while away my time there very happily 🙂
    Arohanui (((Ina))) ❤ xxx

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