Drying laundry in the rain

Laundry hanging in the pouring rain;
All seems in vain, a useless day
an apron blown away is flying over fields.
So what. There is no yield in sorrow.

Words in papers that are never read;
Thoughts remaining when there’s nothing said;
Fear and panic that we know will end.
Feeling love from such a distant friend.

The pegs won’t hold the linen sheets for long;
In storm and turmoil they are swollen,
They are sails and we the sailors now.
That we stand strong! That we are able.

Laundry drying although all is wet;
Miracles occurring when all hope has left.
Holding hands we say goodbye to fear,
Sailing off to unknown waters.


Comments on: "Drying laundry in the rain" (12)

  1. That apron blown away…over the fields, such an evocative image to start the poem. Nice.

  2. Youve written a fantastic poem here Ina; it’s just lovely to see you writing. And thank you for our lovely chat yesterday evening; I really enjoyed it L&H xx ❤️

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much, it is good to write a bit every now and then (apart from the novel that I need to finish any day now ) I also enjoyed our chat ! Take care L&H ❤ xxx

  3. What a wonderful poem! When the sun makes an appearance during the storm — there is a rainbow! Saying goodbye to fear is just amazing. Thinking of the two of you today.

  4. Wonderful poem – I love every line, and especially: “They are sails and we the sailors now.” Eloquent and poignant and courageous.

    • Hi Betty, thank you very much. These Autumn storms are usefull as they are blowing away bad thoughts…

  5. Brave and moving images and symbols flying from your mast in the storm Ina. The last four lines will live in my heart always xox

  6. I’m sorry I hadn’t left a comment when I liked this raw and powerful poem, Ina. I guess, we are always “sailing off to unknown waters” … but, sometimes the waves are extremely daunting. Let the love and hugs and prayers coming your way from so many surround you and help keep you afloat. XO ❤

    • Thank you very much Diane, your friendship and kind words really help to get trhough this time. ❤ xxx

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