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Ebbtide and all cried out

3okt14 002

The sea had withdrawn.
Dawn over the water far away.
And sea and I both waited.

3okt14 018

Sunlight started shining,
Some items appeared lying in the sand.
‘Messages’ a seagull cried.

3okt14 024

I waited again
And then began walking.
What message could there be?

3okt14 021

The last days had been full
Of symbols, of signs. Why
Would they really mean anything?

3okt14 022

I found two balloons, blue and a pink,
filled with water I let out
and put them in my pocket.

3okt14 020

At least no bird would eat them.
Life goes on. Children go on. Go on.

3okt14 025

I found an empty cigar box,
Message: ‘smoking is lethal’ (I don’t smoke)
And an empty wine bottle. Got that one. Right in time.

3okt14 010

I returned home. The sea was still far.
It won’t know me now, but I’ll be back
And so will he one day. We’ll go together.

3okt14 009

I took the photos yesterday on the beach, West Terschelling

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