You ask about the use of fountains,
Spraying water only to drink itself,
Still the most wanted places in cities.
We stood in one, on a hot day.

There is no use, I say. Only the beauty
And to cool the feet of tourists,
To throw in a coin for good luck.
Now there, that is a lot of use, you say.

You make me see life in a different way.

Comments on: "Use" (11)

  1. I love this and it gave me a gentle smile too. I also love the ‘uselessness’ of fountains in cities. They have a rather hypnotic effect and just seem to draw everyone in, young and old – and in between! 😊 L&H xx

  2. How witty and rhythmical as well

  3. Uselessness is very important…poems are also useless…
    Good one, Ina 🙂

  4. Haha! Well, this may sound strange, but bookshops do the same thing for me!! Dont ask why or how! I have no idea! Lol 😄 xx

    • My mother always had to go in a big department store 🙂 I suppose it was the excitement! It always was the first thing to go to : the ladies! 🙂 ❤

  5. Indeed, their useless usefulness, for beauty, foot soaking, luck divining, air refreshing spray, reminding to viewers to pee, gathering people in one place, singing water tunes, exciting the children, attracting birds, an insistence on recycling…I could go on with their uselessness but as you say, you make me see life in a different way…

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