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Openings in greyish skies never seem hopefull,
These bottomless ponds between islands of clouds,
No one should want to get lost out there.

At night at least there are stars,
Down here the lights of cars keep moving.
When all is dark, we are lost so we feel

As then, in the black of eternity
We are ourselves too much, we then know
Whom we have become, that we should be adults now

But already a flickering of neon,
A buoy to reassure us chases off the hungry bears
So we breathe on, relieved. Children once more.

Malapropisms of the mind

A slender thought escaped the morning dew
Spread across the meadows and the dunes and you
Stood there, you almost sensed the meaning of the Earth.

A truth came down from demarcation lines,
Early airplane stripes made warning signs
As here is no escape from what we’ve done.

Mistaken for a cloud, the lines declined,
Leaving you malapropisms of the mind.

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