Discussing reality and what is true,
‘It all is an agreement,’ so you say:
‘What goes for one, a bloody lie to others,
If I claim love is red, now would you disagree?’

‘It is not up to me,’ I answer modestly,
More modestly than you might have expected,
‘If you claim that it is, then let it be.’

‘But love is not,’ you say. ‘Love has no colour.
As all love needs is clear transparency.’

I change the way I sit and try to find justifications
To much enforcement of my case.
I know I never win it from your strange argumentation
So I just kiss you to put you in your place.

The blushing in your face is evidence enough.
Reality is what we make of it and so is love.


Comments on: "Reality" (14)

  1. Such a perfect line, “So I just kiss you to put you in your place” —

  2. And so that blushing proves your point, for you, that love is red…lovely, Ina 🙂

  3. Another ‘killer’ last line

  4. Fabulous poem Ina! I think love could be red too. Probably because of all the red hearts on Valentine cards! Lol. We are told love is red!! Ive been quiet ror two days, no internet but back on course now! L&H xx

  5. “…and so is love”…a rainbow so it is, your poem…

  6. Love IS red … for its passion … the heart … and, also, sometimes, how it bleeds from us. Lovely poem, Ina.

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