The picnic

It was a picnic, all of us were there,
my grandparents as well, even he who died
years before my birth, so my mother cried a bit.
The others, unaware, had fun and drank
and laughed; the bread was shared, they sang.

I looked my grandad in the eye, he didn’t see
me standing there. My cousins chased the butterflies
and there was sunlight in their hair. We had red lemonade,
and an uncle did some tricks with cards.
We ran and danced. It was a lovely day.


Comments on: "The picnic" (14)

  1. Lovely scene of a family gathering, nice evocative details. Two things in case you use this in your book: I think it would be “even he who died” instead of him, but you might ask around, as I’m not 100% positive. And grandad without the extra d — unless that’s a family term of endearment.

  2. I remember the family reunions and they were great! Now the families are all over and no one has the time to get to get away. Progress hasn’t been too good for our family and the extended family; is who now?

    • It is a pity those family gatherings are more difficult now. Even today (our 15th wedding anniversary) is not going to be a family feast, maybe Christmas 🙂

  3. Ah, just lovely Ina. Some memories are so much sharper than others. L&H xx

  4. Ah, I’ve had dreams like this and treasure them…joyful gatherings of friendly ghosts…all together again…

    • I hope they are friendly! Not too sure about that grandfather… from what I heard, but then I never met him.

  5. There is more to this poem than appears on the surface.
    Arohanui ❤ xxx

  6. This brings back nostalgic memories… from long ago. 🙂

  7. Like a beautiful, nostalgic scene in a movie … and I love that departed family is in attendance! Just lovely, Ina! XO ❤

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