Raising sons

But what if I fall?
you said before climbing
your first tree. Will it hurt?

Let’s worry about that
when it happens
I answered.

Maybe I should have said
something different, more adult.
Nevertheless, you started climbing.

You were a bird about to fly
and for a short, unique moment
I was sure nothing could hurt you.


Comments on: "Raising sons" (10)

  1. Wonderful! I understand the feelings here.

  2. The last stanza really moves this poem into the reader’s heart, Ina! XO ❀

  3. I agree with Diane, Ina, especially your last line..oh how I felt that..β™₯

  4. I have two sons…always gave them freedom to fail or succeed, fall from the tree or not, they need to find their own way, knowing always, of course, I, we, are there to comfort them when they fall, in their pain…in everything…this is the freedom they need to grow…to fly…your words express this in truth Ina…

  5. Having raised two sons, I really love this!! (More memories… πŸ™‚ They’re in their 40’s now…)

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