Of what we can not think and have no words for –
such we dream, seemingly asleep but in our minds
unwinds a movie that takes over logic, sense,
unfencing our understanding.

Only if we wake abruptly we remember some
of what we saw, of what we heard,
but most is gone into oblivion and what
remains in flashes seems absurd.

Yet one day in a shiny rainy street
it will all be revealed in eyes you meet,
which pass you by and make you follow
until you disappear as well.
Your dream comes true.

Comments on: "Dreams" (12)

  1. “seemingly asleep”… indeed!
    Beautiful poem, Ina! 🙂

  2. Lovely poem Ina! I had one such dream last night, very strange! 😊 L&H xx

  3. This poem about dreams is almost itself as surreal as a dream…nice!

  4. Not a nightmare but extremely weird! 😊 xx

  5. Gives me hope…even if only, a dream…

  6. All in the eyes … even when they are but a dream … Lovely, Ina! XO ❤

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